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If you aren't getting the free traffic you want from search engines, there are several tweaks you can make to your site to help you get better results.

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Website Checkups

As a business coach, one of the things I do for my clients is review their website. It's amazing how valuable it can be to have a fresh pair of eyes take a look at your site. We become so accustomed to the look of our sites and blogs that we can overlook mistakes that are costing us money - mistakes that are often glaring and obvious to an outsider. Here are a few things that a website review can help you improve:

Improve your search engine rankings

If you aren't getting the free traffic you want from search engines, there are several tweaks you can make to your site to help you get better results. These often do not take much of your time. You don't have to learn everything there is to know about SEO, but a good coach can give you specific, actionable tasks applicable to your site that will boost your rankings quickly.

Your website copy

Is it clear exactly who you are trying to attract with your website copy? Does each page of your site have a clear call to action? If it's not obvious who your target market is, a coach can help you nail that down so you can connect with your target audience more effectively. This is true even if you are not selling a product. If it's not clear who your ideal website visitor is, you may be diluting your marketing efforts.

Email marketing mistakes

Are you leaving money on the table by not offering a newsletter, ecourse or some other way of collecting your visitor's email addresses? A coach can help you get more repeat visitors and make more sales via email marketing. The placement and copy of your opt in box can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts too.

Affiliate marketing efforts

Some of my clients are adding affiliate recommendations to their websites and blogs to increase their income. If these are simply buttons slapped up that aren't particularly relevant to the reader, however, they're just taking up valuable real estate and producing no result. A coach can help you improve your affiliate marketing efforts so you generate more commissions. People new to affiliate marketing often make the same mistakes, but these are quickly remedies, leading to increased conversions and a better experience for the visitor.

Is your site unattractive?

If you don't want your site to look dated or stale, you might need to give it a sprucing up every couple of years so it stays fresh. Changing the colours and layout of your site can also help you make more money from the Google AdSense programme. A poorly designed site can chase away visitors and sales, but a well designed one helps you lead your visitors to the action you want them to take.

Whether you're newer to the internet marketing game or an old pro, you can gain valuable perspective on things with a little coaching.

Carrie Lauth is an internet marketing mum of 4 who offers coaching and website reviews. Take a look at her services at and visit her blog at

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