Preparing an Autistic Teen for Puberty Inverness

Preparing an autistic teen in Inverness for puberty looks at how parents, care givers and teachers can help support autistic teenagers through this confusing time.

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Preparing an Autistic Teen for Puberty

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Preparing an autistic teen for puberty

Author: jANINE

The onset of puberty is difficult and confusing for any teen but especially so for a teen with autism.

For a teen with autism that has mild, moderate and lower abilities on the autism spectrum scale, there may be difficulties with understanding what is happening to them, especially things like menstruation.

Generally for these autistic teenagers it will be more appropriate to actually help them cope with puberty and their individual needs whilst they are actually going through it for example menstruation or maybe there is an issue with appropriate touching, or masturbation. Rather than trying to teach the autistic teen how or why before the event or skill is needed, this can cause confusion.

If your autistic teen or asperger adolescent is showing an awareness of how other people around them are changing and what is actually happening to them, you can help them find better understanding through the use of social skills stories for autistic teens or social skills stories for asperger adolescents.

Generally preparing an autistic teen for puberty is made easier when a parent, caregiver or teacher introduces appropriate social skills stories for autistic teens these are written by experts in autism development and behaviours and have been widely used for many years giving tremendous success.

Many autistic teens will notice the growth of hair, a small beard, developing breasts etc. Sometimes this can be distressing for the teen, especially those with limited language and understanding of what is happening, an appropriate social skills story for autistic teen or asperger adolescent can help them understand puberty better, what they should expect, how they should act and what to expect from other people.

Generally around the beginning of puberty an individual will need to be more aware of their hygiene, using deodorant, showering, for autistic girls menstruation happens all these new things begin to happen which can be stressful. This is where parents, teacher and care givers find using social skills stories for autistic teens extremely beneficial. Masturbation can cause issues around this time no body wants to see a teenage boy masturbate in public! Parents again find using social skills stories can help show the youngster why this is not appropriate and help teach them where and when masturbation is appropriate.

To download social skills stories for autistic teenagers visit:

They have social skills stories for autistic teenagers on critical issues related to autism and puberty like:


Autistic girls and menstruation

Appropriate touching

Social kissing


Autism and puberty

Personal space

Using deodorant showering

…Plus other helpful autistic stories all relating to autism and puberty.

So if you’re having problems preparing an autistic teen for puberty, or with autistic girls and menstruation visit the site and gain some useful information and download appropriate social skills stories; the URL again is

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autism social skills stories for all autistic individuals can be immediately downloaded from

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