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What business are you in really? I do not mean what industry you are in. I do not mean what segment of the industry you are in.

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Niche Marketing

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What business are you in really? I do not mean what industry you are in. I do not mean what segment of the industry you are in.

I mean specifically what business are you in?

We will take a good look at how to answer this all important question in a moment as it relates to your Internet marketing activities.

If you have a mountain of venture capital at your disposal, you can think really big. But without endless streams on financing available to you, your thinking must be different. Maybe you are a small business just starting out.

Online shopping has no where to go but up. Don’t you worry about anything except building a great business. There is no way you can even keep pace with the Internet. It is a tiger long out of control and it is waiting for you to sell boat loads of whatever you want to sell on it. You just need to know exactly what, when, how and with whom.

The Internet is the perfect medium for niche marketing

A small business with the right know-how can leverage the Internet like nothing else. Let’s say, for example, that you want to market a women’s skin cream that is made from natural ingredients, that is healthy for the skin, reduces wrinkles etc. etc. Then are you in the cosmetics business? Well maybe. That’s sounds like an industry.

Are you in the women’s cosmetics business? Getting closer. Are you in the women’s skin cream business? Much closer. Are you in the women’s anti-aging skin cream business for teens, young women, middle aged women or older women?

Who buys your product exactly? Do teens have wrinkles yet? Do you see where I am going with this?

The more focused you can be in the beginning the better. Get a focused product and go after your target market and only your target market.

So now answer the question: What business are you in or want to be in?

Key Point: Do not underestimate the size of “small” niche markets. Why? Ten years ago if you approached me and said you want to market your skin cream in one city, I would have said you're targeting too small a market. How many can you sell in one city? The cost of going national would be expensive so you would need to either raise a lot of money to market your product via mail order and other channels with expensive ads or you are left pounding the pavement in that one city.

What about today? Today? Wow, what a difference. You can be international in a matter of weeks, no kidding. We had orders for our Internet marketing course from across the globe before it was finished and before we did any marketing whatsoever.

The little guy has big leverage if you know what you are doing. Your “little” niche market needs to be viewed from a GLOBAL standpoint. Then it is not very little but it is still very focused. See the distinction?

How-To Market to Your Niche for Ultimate Success and Profitability Now:

1. Define your niche market with specificity.

2. Determine what your niche market buys and why. How do you do this? E-mail everyone you know in your target market and ask them. Don’t know enough people in the demographic?

3. Obtain an Opt-In E-Mail list and survey them. This can be done very inexpensively on the net. We teach you how in our Internet Marketing Course.

4. Develop or obtain the product that your niche wants.

5. Build your winning sales proposition, your website, its content and ALL of your marketing campaigns around and directly to this very focused demographic and sell your tail off.

When, and only when, you have penetrated your target market and are profitable, should you expand. So the KEY to Internet Niche Marketing Success is as easy as 1,2,3,4,5.

Go for it now! Your future starts this very moment.

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