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How do you insert a personal take on design when using tile in your home? Here are some ideas for your home.

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Home Decoration

Decorating Tip: Add personality with tiles

How do you insert a personal take on design when using tiles in your home? Here are some ideas for your home:
- Mosaics: A mosaic is a picture or design made of little pieces of glass, stone or tile, called tesserae, set into mortar or concrete. Mosaics can be used on floors, walls or ceilings. The overall design created by the tesserae can be geometric or create words and pictures.

- Tacos: Little pieces of tile can make a huge impact. Tacos are small decorative pieces usually just an inch or two across. When strategically placed in a solid field, they can add visual interest and contrast. Tacos come in solid or decorated options and can be set next to another tile or within a tile.

Listelos: Long, thin pieces, called listelos, are available in metal, ceramic and glass. Listelos can be used to frame a mirror, create a chair rail or to simply add a personal touch.
- Borders: A decorative border can make a personal statement in just a little space. A brightly coloured and patterned tile can be used to highlight a special architectural detail of a room or even make ordinary detail pop.

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How to Equip your baby’s nursery

Your baby is on the way, and it's time to pick up the basics for his or her first bedroom. A sampling of nursery must-haves:

- Crib: If only one item can be splurged on, it should be the crib.

- Mattress and sheets: Skip the bedding set. A tight-fitting mattress and a couple of crib sheets are all the bedding a newborn needs.
- Dresser and changing mat: A waist-high dresser can hold a lot of clothing and can work as a changing table with the addition of a mat.

- Glider or chair: A comfortable place to sit for feedings and late-night rocking.

- Storage containers: Functional items that do double duty for toys and clothing.

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Did You Know …
Baking soda will remove the coffee and tea stains from your favourite mugs.
Home Improvements: Custom stairways

Interior stairways help define a home's look and serve as more than just a connecting point between two levels.

- Forged iron designs feature elegant patterns to match a broad range of looks. Forged iron balusters easily incorporate Old World charm into interior spaces, and are available with patterns such as globes, spoon designs, classic twists, graceful baskets, intricate scrolls and twisted ribbons.

- Mixing and matching forged iron styles with traditional materials is also a popular way to customize stairways. Contrasting forged iron balusters and medallions with the natural warmth of wood railings and wood newels (stair components typically located at the bottom of a staircase and at all rail transition points) enhances visual interest.

- Hardwood staircase options add an element of timeless appeal. For example, the art deco style exudes an elegant quality. Other admired styles include Bristol, featuring delicate carvings atop vase balusters; and Chippendale, made famous by the master furniture maker, featuring carefully crafted flutes and graceful proportions.

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Garden Guide

Winter isn’t a particularly busy time for outdoor gardeners, especially as the landscape turns white instead of green.

Bring the outdoors inside with houseplants. Looking for an exotic version that can withstand cooler climates? Try the snake plant, also known as Sansevieria trifasciata.

Native to western Africa, as an ornamental plant it is tolerant of low light levels and irregular watering. During winter it needs only one watering every couple of months; it will rot easily if overwatered.

Popular cultivars include “Compacta,” “Goldiana,” “Hahnii,” “Laurentii,” “Silbersee,” and “Silver Hahnii.”

Back Garden Buddies

Provide water for back garden birds all year long. A simple birdbath is a great start. Change water every two or three days in warmer weather, and use a heater in the winter. Place the water source about 10 feet from dense shrubs or other cover that predators might use.

-- National Wildlife Foundation

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