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Nobody likes a drab concrete floor. Now you don't have to settle for that anymore. Consider the 3 types of garage floor coverings in Inverness in this article and you'll be well on your way to a nicer, more useful, and more enjoyable garage.

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Garage Floor Coverings

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3 Garage Floor Coverings You Will Love

Author: MJ Marks

Garage floor coverings may seem about as exciting a topic as your next dental visit. If you are like I was, you probably haven't even really given that much thought to your garage floor. It's just a common concrete floor after all. Just a space to park on, or to store some things on, right? Oh no, that's not exactly true at all. It turns out that a garage can actually be much more than that, and the floor can actually be made to be quite attractive. When you use the right covering in your garage you can actually change the space into a place that is as nice as the rest of your house.

There are three main types of garage floor coverings that I'd like to tell you about. All have their unique purpose and place, and each one is available for the average homeowner to install or apply.

  • First - Concrete stains or paints are some of the more popular garage floor coverings because they are economical, comes in a myriad of colours, and can be applied easily and quickly without any special training or tools. All you really have to do is prepare the floor properly with the right cleaner or degreaser, then apply the paint or stain according to the manufacturer's instructions. You can even get creative and tape off a pattern that will make the concrete look like tile.
  • Second - Epoxy garage floor coverings are great products for filling in flaws that develop in the concrete, and for preventing future problems that often arise from the effects of water and impact over time. Whether it is just small pitting or larger cracks or chips, this product does the job right. You can also add colour chips to get just the right flash of colour to suit your personal tastes and preferences. When you use this product you really create a whole new living space in the garage. It transforms the space from a drab grey concrete "utility" type room into an attractive and useful space. When the floor is finished you will have a clear coated floor that is sealed, non-skid, and looks great.
  • Third - Patterned rolled vinyl matting. This final one is one of my personal favourite garage floor coverings because of the diversity of options available, and the simplicity of installation. This covering is just about as easy as it gets, and you don't have to use any glues to put it down. Just choose what size, colour, and pattern you want. Usually the vinyl comes in 7-10 feet wide by 14-22 feet long rolls. Common colours available are black, grey, green, blue and red, and the patterns vary between "ribbed", "tread", "levant", and "coin". With this product you get the added benefit of dampening sounds, ease of cleanup, and a cushioned surface.

I hope this brief discussion of three garage floor coverings gets you thinking, and inspires you to try something new in your garage. Whether you opt for concrete stain or paint, a nice epoxy coating with colour chips, or some sort of matting, you will love the end result. Almost anything is better than drab old plain grey concrete. Good luck!

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