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Both parents that are employed have become a common setup in most families today. The society has become open minded with the need for mothers to help provide for the family.

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Childcare Options

Both parents that are employed have become a common setup in most families today. The society has become open minded with the need for mothers to help provide for the family. Thus, proper child rearing has been a strong and primary concern for working parents especially if children have reached the school age. The parents' responsibility is to find reputable institutions or individuals which will provide the proper childcare that the children needs.

Childcare Options

Childcare refers to the supervision of children in the absence of parents or guardians. Childcare is called for when there are minor children in the house that needs taking care of. When parents are away from work, the childcare provider shall act as the second parent. In some cases, parents require childcare for children when they need to spend quality time together away from home.

Depending on situations of parents and the age of children, childcare may be an every day or occasional requirement. Childcare may be done in the home of the kids, in the home of the childcare provider or in an established childcare or daycare centres.

Most parents choose in home childcare such as the nanny, babysitter, and au pair because of the belief that their home is safer for the children.

The Nanny

In the old days, nannies are employed only by the rich or the aristocrats. Nowadays, many families employ nannies for childcare excluding the traditional concept of a nanny who wears a uniform.

A nanny is an individual who looks after children to provide the necessary childcare. Basic duties include childcare during the agreed hours set by the employer; supports the intellectual and social development of children; protection of children from harm; meal preparations; proper communication with the employers; and sometimes maintenance of cleanliness of the home.

The nanny may be hired as a live in or live out employee on a full time basis. Formal training is not commonly required but advantageous. Parents prefer that a nanny has previous on the job experience.

The Babysitter

Unlike a nanny, a babysitter is hired on a part time basis only usually when parents are still at work or out on weekends. Babysitting requires no formal training. Mostly, babysitters are teenagers who need the extra money. While training is not required, babysitters should have the right skills in times of emergency.

The Au Pair

A French term which means “equal to”, the au pair is a foreigner, usually an unmarried woman of 18 to 26 years old, who visits a host family for a period of two years. The au pair is intended to be considered a part of the family and receives a personal allowance and a private room. During her stay, the au pair is tasked to help in childcare and household chores of the host family.

Considering the meaning, the au pair is not a domestic helper. An au pair is included in all the daily activities of the family and attends social events with them. Being an au pair is an opportunity for travel and cultural exposure.

Choosing the right childcare option for the family takes considerable time and extensive research. It is noteworthy to consider that parents should never depend on childcare providers alone to support the growth of children. More importantly, parents must remain to balance time to be with the children in the growing up years.

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