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If you don't know by now that article marketing to sell products or get affiliate sales works then you must be living in a cave. This is a step by step system with a breakdown of how each step works and what it achieves.

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Article Marketing System

If you don’t know by now that article marketing to sell products or get affiliate sales works then you must be living in a cave. This is a step by step system with a breakdown of how each step works and what it achieves.

1. Research and compile a list of the best keywords which target your topic for use in your article and as hyperlinks to send traffic to your sales page. Go to Google adwords and enter in your main phrase to get related keywords and volumes of traffic.

2. Compile your article using your keywords throughout the content and the main phrase you wish to target as part of the title in your first and last paragraphs. Write your article to show a problem or service your product solves or try to show a problem your product can solve.

3. Create an author resource box for each article, have a hook which says it will solve the problem you mentioned in your main article’s content using your main keyword phrase to hyperlink to your sales or capture website page.

4. Create a number of different versions of the same article, with different titles and different keywords, change the main keyword phrase you use each article and make those changes in your first and last paragraph and as your hyperlink in your resource box.

5. Submit as many versions of your article to different ezines and article directories as you can - manual submission can be tedious so have a look at our resource below to get ideas on how to automate this process.

6. Bookmark each successful submission with free services like Social marker or Onlywire. Use a different title and description each time you bookmark a site.

7. Then submit the rss feeds of each bookmarking site and Article directory that have a link to your site as part of the rss feed. You can also automate this process using the information below to get a free Rss Submitter.

8,Create a free blogger on Google's blogspot using your keyword phrase as part of the url. Post your link to all the Article directories and rss aggregator pages linking to your site. Repeat this with a Squidoo lense, a Hubpage and a Yahoo 360 blog using widgets. Post the feed of the other three sites to these pages.

9. Rinse and repeat this process - write one new article each day and repeat all steps and very soon you will have very targeted traffic that is highly likely to convert to sales visiting your site.

The steps above work - I have been using them for years to get backlinks and free traffic. I have used this system for years and as long as you keep on submitting articles your backlinks and traffic will increase. By bookmarking all the sites your links are on and submitting rss feeds you are increasing the ranking of the pages linking to you and your original article is more likely to get ranked in the natural search results.

The Hubpages Squidoo lens etc should be bookmarked and their rss feeds submitted too. Keep at this and very soon you will have a huge network of sites all linking to your product pages which will increase your natural search results.

To get an advanced free report on how to automate your article and rss submissions visit our site Article post robot. Using Automated Article Directory Submission Software will decrease the amount of time it takes to create this network and will increase backlinks

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